We are open for:

  1. Urgent medical eye issues

If you have an acute medical eye problem we will see you urgently by self-referral, by GP referral, or by Optometrist (Optician) referral during the COVID-19 emergency (telephone to make appointment). In the case of self-referral please see below for examples of symptoms that should be considered urgent.

If you do not have an urgent referral, you can book a telephone consultation with one of our Eye Doctors and if necessary we can arrange to see you in person. Telephone consultations can be booked at the bottom of this page.

2. Urgent optical issues

Optical issues are considered urgent if you have lost or broken glasses such that you: a) can't read, b) can't drive and need to drive during the COVID-19 emergency or c) can't see well enough to manage day to day life without your glasses during the COVID-19 emergency. Please phone to arrange this service.

For non-urgent ophthalmology advice you can also book telephone consultations.

Some urgent eye symptoms which should prompt you to seek advice for your eyes (list not exhaustive)

  • Sudden loss of vision (can’t see) in one eye
  • Intermittent fleeting loss of vision
  • Painful eye
  • New blurry vision which doesn’t resolve over a period of a few hours
  • New flashes and floaters
  • New red eye with blurry vision (especially contact lens wearers)
  • Eye trauma/ an accident which causes damage to the eye
  • Pain or tenderness in the temple (side of head) or around orbit (eye socket) 
  • Chemical injury to the eye

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please TELEPHONE the practice to make an urgent appointment. For less urgent conditions, please book a telephone consultation below:

What precautions are we taking when seeing urgent patients?

  • All patients, who are being seen in person, will be asked about Covid-19 symptoms and contacts  – particularly high temperatures, recent cough, and contact with other people with these symptoms in the past 14 days. These patients should not attend the practice. We will consult via a phone/video and will advise accordingly
  • Hand sanitiser – all patients will be advised to use hand sanitiser upon entering the practice and prior to leaving the practice
  • Masks – all patients will be provided with a mask for wear during their consultation. 
  • All Medical Optics staff clean their hands with sanitising gel or warm water and soap for thirty seconds before and after every patient interaction. 
  • All equipment is thoroughly cleaned between consultations.
  • Social distancing – we are seeing a smaller number of patients and asking patients to remain outside the practice until the time of their appointment. We advise patients to bring one person to accompany them. If they feel steady enough on their feet and comfortable attending alone, we advise the accompanying person to wait outside.
  • Please bring a mobile phone with you so we can call you as appropriate 
  • All patients will be seen by doctors wearing masks to protect both the patient and the doctor.

Bray: 01 2828065

Fairview: 01 8057076