Our Medical Eye Doctors


All the eye doctors practising at Medical Optics are experienced ophthalmologists and are entered in the specialist register of either ‘Ophthalmology’ or ‘Ophthalmic Surgery’ of the Medical Council.

Our doctors are listed below in alphabetical order with their Medical Council Registration number (MCRN).

Dr. Magdi Abdalla, MCRN 123139

Dr. Mohammad Al Hammoud MCRN 419746

Mr. Edward Dervan, MCRN 22476

Dr. Daragh Fahey MCRN 019206

Dr. Sarah Gilmore, MCRN 251471

Dr. Rosemary Griffin-Treacy, MCRN 4996

Dr. Caitriona Kirwan MCRN 059211

Dr. Susan Mullaney, MCRN 11351

Dr. Aziz Rehman, MCRN 10896

Dr. Najiha A Rahman MCRN 402085

Dr Garry Treacy, MCRN 9221