Our Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians



Our optometrists (ophthalmic opticians) are registered with the Opticians Board (Bord Na Radharcmhast) and are expert refractionists who prescribe and fit both glasses and contact lenses. They work in close conjunction with our medical eye doctors and are experienced in identifying abnormal ocular conditions.

You can be examined by one of out optometrists for no charge when using your HSE Medical Card or the Department of Social Protection’s Optical Benefit Scheme. All our optometrists specialise in contact lens fitting and can recommend the best type of contact lenses for your eyes. Our optometrists also carry out field testing, laser scanning polarimetry for glaucoma, OCT for macular degeneration (AMD) and photography.

If you have something significantly wrong with your eyes they will refer you to one of our medical eye doctors (ophthalmologists).

Our optometerists are listed below in alphabetical order followed by their Opticians Board registration number (OBRN)

Triona Culliton, FAOI, OBRN 405

Michele Donnelly, FAOI, OBRN 735

Suzanne Gallagher, FAOI, OBRN 992

Una Gaynor, MCOptom, OBRN 934

Siobhan McDonald, FAOI, OBRN 537



Medical Optics employs dispensing opticians and dispensing assistants who work closely with our optometrists and eye doctors to ensure that you are fitted expertly with the most suitable frames and lenses for your eyes. They also enable you to get the best deal in terms of value for money when making a purchase in one of our practices. Please see our brochure on Special Offers such as two for one which demonstrate the excellent value on offer at Medical Optics.

Our dispensing opticians are registered with the Opticians Board (Bord Na Radharcmhast).They are listed below with their Opticians Board registration number (OBRN) in alphabetical order:

Aisling Eustace, FBDO, OBRN 469

Daniela Giacosa, FBDO, OBRN 670

Pauline Turner, FBDO, OBRN 523